Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions we have received.

Shop Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get set up with a login?
Visit the Shop home page (,, or and click the registration link below the login box.

I registered. When will I receive my username and password?
Most registrations are processed within 1 to 2 business days. All registrations are validated by the appropriate account manager or site manager before being confirmed. If a login request needs to be expedited please contact

I can’t remember my login information.
Our system can usually automatically retrieve your login information and email it to you. From the login page, click the link next to “Forgot Your Password?” You will be prompted for your email address. If this does not work, you can always re-register (if you have an existing login, we’ll just re-send it to you), or email for assistance.

Do I need an account with Kendall / GLAS / Galloup to get set up with a login?
Yes. However, you can browse the catalog anonymously (all Shop websites) and even make purchases of some lines we carry via credit card without an account (Shop Kendall and Shop GLAS only). If you do not have an account with us, you will need to get set up with one before we can confirm your Shop registration.

My pricing on the website is not right.
When you are logged in, the pricing is always pulled from your account in real-time.  Make sure you are logged in (if you were logged in earlier, it is possible that your session timed out). If you have more than one login for Shop (e.g. one for Kendall and one for Galloup), make sure you are using the correct one. If that doesn’t do the trick, we may need to verify that your login is tied to the correct account and/or that your pricing is set up properly in our system. Contact for assistance.

Can I change my User Name and Password?
Once set, User Names cannot be changed. If you want to change your password, please check out this document or email us at if you have questions. 

I can’t find the product I am looking for.
Try searching via alternate spellings or abbreviations. If it is something you have purchased from us before, you may be able to find it via the Reorder Pad (list of recently purchased products), Order History (list of recent orders), or Advanced Order Search (search by PO or Product Description); these screens are accessible from the My Account page. Click on the product to go to the item detail page, where you can add the item to your Shopping Cart or to a Product Group. 

Can I use my Shop Kendall login for Shop Galloup?
Unless your account with Kendall is also configured for Galloup, Shop Galloup will not work correctly. Please register for Shop Galloup separately, and we will email you instructions.

Where can I find my Account information (account balance, invoices, etc)?
If enabled for you, this information will be available on the Account Inquiry page (you’ll find a link under My Account). Note: Accounting functions are turned off for most users, with the exception of company owners/officers and accounting personnel. If you need online access to this information and do not currently have it, please contact your account manager.

I’m unable to see my coworker’s Shared Shopping Carts.
To share Shopping Carts, both users must be set up on the exact same entity in our system. So, for example, if your coworker is set up on a different ship-to account, you won’t see their Shared Shopping Carts. For assistance in resolving this issue, contact

Can I use my Shop login on the Kendall OE Touch mobile app?
No. Kendall OE Touch is on a different platform and will require a separate login. To obtain a login to Kendall OE Touch, open the app and click the “Sign up” button. Note: Requires an existing Eclipse contact record with a valid email address first.

I had an old Galloup StoreFront login. Can I use it on Shop Galloup?
No. StoreFront login information was encrypted and we did not have a way to migrate it into the new system. You will need to re-register.

I had a login for the old Kendall WOE website. Can I use it on Shop Kendall?
Yes. Shop Kendall uses the same User Name and Password you used on the old site.

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